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Did you know that the OpenView HD decoder can be installed using your existing satellite dish? It has been designed to be compatible with both SES-5 and IS-20 satellites. The import of that is that getting OpenView HD is now easier, if you have a satellite dish already.

You can, therefore, install OVHD decoder so long as you have a DSTV satellite dish. In a simple and straightforward process, you will be able to receive all the OVHD channels.

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OVHD satellite dish alignment

The only thing you will pay is the full price of the OpenView decoder, which currently stands at R399. You won’t require the Durbaville decoder seller to help install OVHD decoder. The following is a simple and easy process to follow when installing an OpenView HD decoder:

Step 1. Openview HD Satellite Installation in Durbanville

  • Locate the ideal mounting location, preferably one that is not obstructed by any obstacles. Use the four cement screws to attach the OpenView HD antennae to your choice mounting location.
  • Take the antennae assembly of the open dish and place it on the mast. Make sure you align the mast pole top with the mast clamp centre. By tightening the mast clamp screws, you will be able to complete the OpenView HD satellite installation.
  • Locate the port which usually sits at on the main dish at the base and plug in the RD-6 coaxial chord. Take the cable on the other end and plug it into the OVHD receiver’s port. It is this device that you will connect to the television.

Step 2. OVHD Satellite Dish Alignment

  • When doing the OVHD satellite dish alignment, you need to have a satellite meter. If you don’t have it, find 341 degrees using a compass to point the dish in the right Durbanville Check out the direction in which your neighbours’ dishes are pointing and adjust yours accordingly.
  • Next, you must work on the elevation so that it is just right. Check the degree marker on the side of the dish and ensure you elevate it at 60 to 70 degrees.
  • Take time to do the LNB skew. With the dish in view, tune the LNB to point to 7 O’clock. With minute adjustments, you should be able to receive clear OVHD channels.

Step 3. Cleaning Up

To make the cables look neat, you need to use cable ties. You can also keep them on the wall with the help of cable clips. Avoid insulation tape which wears off with time leaving the cables hanging loose. After all, what matters is that you do a clean job with your OpenView HD satellite installation. Avoid leaving the final product messy and all.

Step 4. Enjoy Your Favourite OVHD Channels

It’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy that movie you have been longing for. It is very satisfying to see how a simple and clear process can give you such great entertainment. If you cannot pull it off, call a dedicated installation service provider to help you with the work. There are many such businesses around Durbanville, so it should be easy finding one.