Communal / MUD / Complex Satellite Dish System Installations in Cape Town

DSTV communal systems installation are meant for large settlements such as flats, apartments, and complexes. Due to the fact that every resident doesn’t have to set up his or her own dish system, DSTV for complexes is cheap in the long run.

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Flat Apartment complexes
It is up to the owners of apartments and large dwelling complexes to install multi-unit dwelling (MUD) systems to prevent unnecessary dish and wire clutter.

Multi-Dwelling Units Installation [VIDEO]

For the tenants, the DSTV installation costs will be much lower than if each one of them had to do the installation on their own. These systems can also be installed in guest houses and hotels all over Cape Town.

Multi-Unit Dwelling (Mud) Systems Requirements

The main requirement for communal satellite systems for flats, apartments, and complexes is that the satellite’s all four quadrants must be available independent of each other at every decoder. The following are the minimum standards for configuration as spelled out by MultiChoice:

  1. Single Dish per Household

If it is possible for a single living unit to have its own dish, you need a minimum of an 80 cm DSTV dish with a smart LNB. With the DSTV Smart LNB, there is room for easy expansion. More than one decoder can be added through XtraView.

  1. Four and Five Cable Systems

Communal satellite dish installation is possible with this type of cable system. However, all the cables need to be pulled through to each of the four units. Each of the units will require a DSTV switch to enable XtraView.

  1. DSTV Accredited Installers

Only a DSTV accredited installer has the ability to carry out DSTV explora installation in complex buildings. Ensure you only work with a qualified installer. After all, a novice could install a DSTV communal dish but leave you with no signal.

Multi Unit Dwelling (MUD) Systems

Benefits Of Mud Installation In Flat/Apartment Complexes

Did you know that communal satellite dish installation is beneficial to both the building owners and tenants, who are the DSTV customers? It is all due to the following reasons:

  • Multi-unit dwelling (MUD) systems are cheaper and way more convenient.
  • For property developers, installing these systems helps add value to the property. It could be one of the reasons tenants will flock in to rent your property.
  • Installing while the property is still under construction ensures the occupants of the building don’t have to suffer any inconveniences.
  • With DSTV for complexes, there is no reason for the building to look cluttered with satellite dishes and cables. It is possible to install a single satellite dish in an obscure place on the property.
  • When upgrading from single cable systems to a communal distribution system, the cost can be shared among everyone involved. This will make it much cheaper.
  • Since it is a DSTV accredited who will be tasked with the job, you know who call whenever there is an issue to be resolved.
  • Multi-unit dwelling (MUD) systems are operated from a single server situated in a single room. Maintaining the system is easy.
  • Customers benefit from improved signal speed.

If you own flats, apartments or complexes, you should seriously think of DSTV complex installation in Cape Town. Since you will be using a single cable, your property will look very neat.