Dstv Re-locations in Cape Town. Moving House? Relocating or Moving Your Dstv Satellite Dish or Decoder?

Moving house is never an easy task but involves the expending of physical and emotional energy with the view of having a seamless process. After all, it is not just about packing your belongings and leaving. You have to ensure you settle utility bills, telephone bills, and internet charges. Many of the firms with which you were working also need to know your change of address and that includes MultiChoice.

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Moving my satellite cape town

Therefore, if you are doing DStv relocation in Cape Town, you will have to inform the nearest MultiChoice office about your change of address. That’s only the beginning of a process that will culminate in moving DStv decoder.

Moving DStv Decoder

As you pack the rest of your stuff, remember to include all the equipment that work together with the satellite dish. That includes the decoder, remote controls, and the television set. These are considered portable and will work even in the new locations. That’s unless you intend to meet the cost of an entirely new set of equipment, which can be very high.

Moving DStv Dish

DStv considers the satellite dish a fixture and does not expect you to carry it with you when moving houses. You will need to meet the cost of installing a new satellite dish at the new house. After all, moving your old DStv dish isn’t just possible. If you are lucky, you might find an old Dstv satellite dish installed in your new Cape Town location. Setting up your equipment will not just be cheaper but also free-of-charge.

What Is The Process Of Relocating My DStv?

If you cannot do it yourself, ask a qualified DStv mover to help you with the work. Are you in need of a new dish? They will install it for you at more costly prices. For those who are lucky to get an old decoder at the new house, this cost is totally avoidable.

relocating my dstv cape town

The rest of the equipment will be the same ones you used at your old house. Apart from helping you through the relocation process, the company will reinstall your DStv equipment at the new location at a small cost.

As earlier stated, you will have to provide an update of your new address to the MultiChoice shop near you. It is also possible that you need a completely new installation. Where that’s the case, you will have to meet the full cost of installation.

DStv moving house services follow the same installation procedure as when setting up new equipment. The vertical angle on the bracket should preferably be 36.6 degrees. The LNB angle should also be set correctly at about 53 degrees of incline to the right-hand side.

Moving house cost cape town

If you are moving satellite in Cape Town, the dish should face eastwards for you to receive a clear signal.  It is also important to carefully align the horizontal angle. Once the process is over, you can check how strong the signal is and adjust the angles until you have the best strength. It is time to search for the TV channels, sit down, relax and enjoy your viewing experience.